Shellac – Goes on like polish, wears like gel and off in minutes, with zero drying time. No more chips, scratches or dulling just a high gloss shine every time. Your perfect two week manicure is here to stay. Or why not try it on your toes without ruining them by putting your shoes on and away you go with tough, flexible, brilliant colour that takes whatever you dish out. Wake in perfect pedi bliss morning after morning with no sheet marks, dents or dings.

Hands £32.00
Feet £32.00
Shellac with IBX Treatment – (first application/ requires 2 applications) £40.00
Shellac with IBX Treatment thereafter £37.00


Gelish is a UV nail gel that is applied in several steps, requiring either a 36 watt UV or LED lamp to cure the gel. Gelish nail gel is similar to other UV soak off nail gel systems, such as Shellac or OPI Axxium. Nail gels can be applied to your natural nails, without causing the damage of acrylics. Nail growth with nail gels is covered with a fill-in coat, similar to acrylic nails. The product is brushed on like regular nail polish.

Hands £32.00
Feet £32.00
Gelish with IBX Treatment – ( first application / requires 2 applications) £40.00
Gelish with IBX Treatment thereafter £37.00
Soak Off £6.00

Gelish Dip

This is a brand new acrylic system launched by Nail Harmony (Creators of Gelish, Prohesion acrylic & PolyGel). This is an exciting alternative to traditional acrylic overlays. By painting a basecoat onto the natural nail plate, then lightly dipping the nail into the Acrylic powders we can create a flawless, bubble free, lightweight and long lasting natural enhancement overlays in around 30 – 45 minutes! This system can also be applied over a tip to extend the natural nail.

• No LED lamp used
• Quicker service than traditional full set enhancements (Acrylic nail extensions)
• No Odour
• Safe, easy removal process
• 120 Colours available including glitters, shimmers and french
• Products contain vitamin A & E as well as calcium which helps protect your natural nails
• Cyanoacrylate adhesives are less sensitising compared to acrylate/methacrylate salon products. This means the Dip system could be a possible option for clients who are unable to wear other types of enhancements

Gelish Dip Overlay £35.00
Gelish Dip French £38.00
Gelish Dip Extensions £45.00
Gelish Dip French Extensions £48.00
Dip Powder with Gel Polish £37.00
Dip Powder Extensions with Gel Polish £47.00

The GelBottle

The GelBottle Inc was born with high quality and innovation in mind, offering an incredible array of over 360 unique colours to satisfy everyone’s taste. We develop cutting edge products like Builder In A Bottle™ and GelPot, two revolutionary builder gel systems for both natural nails and extensions. With our different approach, we have rapidly grown into an international brand recognized worldwide and are quickly making our way to the forefront of the Industry. We’ve learned that the way forward is to set trends, not to follow them.

Gels on Hands £32.00
Gels on Feet £32.00
The Gels Bottle with IBX treatment £40.00
IBX treatment £37.00
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